A downloadable mini-larp

This game for 5-8 players is inspired by the final message of MER-B "Opportunity", a NASA Mars Rover launched in 2003 who exceeded their planned mission duration of 90 days by a factor of 55 before finally succumbing to a dust storm. The last radio contact with Opportunity was on June 10, 2018. NASA declared end-of-mission on February 13, 2019 after over 800 failed attempts to re-establish contact.
The players re-interpret the final moments of the little rover that did.

Originally intended as a beermat-larp, then expanded for a non-technical audience.
Contains one three-page pdf.
Feedback is kindly requested.


R20190216-1 initial release
R20190216-2 fixed omission of important "not" in setup, max player count

R20190611-1 added itch.io link for release on itch.io


The game is released unter CC-BY-SA 2019.

Artwork by Sammy Hallam: https://sammyhallam.com/

Winner of the FRED 2019, a german LARP award, in the category dramagame/mini-larp.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Average sessionA few hours


my battery is low and it's getting dark_20190611-1_full.pdf 119 kB


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I think you should charge money for this product

I thought about putting it up as pay-what-you-want, but setting that up and then dealing with taxes just was too much of a hassle.